"The stories about her say she's made of steel-she volunteered to come to Avon, the planet that drives men mad. She never runs, never hides, never loses. Stone-faced Chase, inhuman and deadly." -Flynn Cormac
Jubilee Chase is a POV Charater in This Shattered World. She is first introduced as Captain Lee Chase, at Molly Malone's, the local bar. She is eighteen at the start of the book.

She grew up on Verona, in the city November until she was eight. Attacks on her home were made, and she became a war orphan. Chase joined the army three weeks before her 16th birthday, after trying for three years. She is said to have some Asian decent, as she can converse in Mandarin with Molly.

She is known as "Stone-faced Chase", possibly because of how she handles situations, on and off battle. Chase is described to have black hair, and brown eyes.

Love Interests Edit

Flynn Cormac